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Club Repeaters

We operate three repeaters, 2 VHF and 1 UHF. They are all open access, no tone required.

The club's first VHF repeater WB0HSI is on 146.67 (-) and is located north of I-70 between O'Fallon and Lake St. Louis. This system has 3 remote receiver sites; Hawk Point, St. Charles 145.330 site, and Augusta as well as the main site receiver.

The club's second VHF repeater KO0A is on 145.33 (-) and is located near Lindenwood college in St. Charles. It also has three remote receive sites; downtown St. Louis, Warrenton, and Augusta.

Both VHF repeater systems employ a voter that monitors the signal from the associated remote receive sites, plus the main site and "votes" the cleanest signal to be transmitted through the repeater.

The third repeater WB0HSI is on UHF 444.65 (+) and is co-located with the KO0A VHF repeater in St. Charles. This system does not have any remote sites.

The KO0A repeater on 145.33 (-) is frequently utilized by the National Weather Service for sever weather/storm spotting.

SCARC supports emergency communications through the Missouri Rapid Response Team, which utilizes the KO0A repeater as it's primary repeater system.